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Predicting Potential Inhibitors for Mtb Targets

OSDD Community is working on a set of proteins as potential drug targets in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These targets are pursued by various expert groups (http://www.osdd.net/research-development/osdd-tb). It is imperative to predict potential inhibitors against these proteins and is the objective of P2I project.

As a viable starting point, the P2I team will start evaluating the potential of reported anti-TB compounds as potential inhibitors for the proposed drug targets.

Stay tuned for more information on the project.

For participating in the project, please contact anshub@osdd.net with P2I in the subject line.

Training Schedules

The training for P2I began in December 2013. The first set of participants are undergraduate students from Delhi University, India. 

The second workshop was in March 2014.

The third workshop were the team decided on the deliverable and the plan of action took place on 24th June 2014

The P2I team is a vibrant group of undergrad students.

Lead Generation Strategies

The P2I team is meeting the lead PIs working on the individual drug targets to discuss the lead generation strategy. This will allow the P2I team to explore the unexplored.

Resources for the project

A set of tutorials encompassing the introduction to drug discovery, challenges with Tuberculosis drug discovery and to OSDD were designed and presented by the Team Leaders of P2I team.

The resources generated as part of the training process and the SOPs may be seen below.

 By Prasun Dutta

Sridhara Janardhan

 By Anshu Bhardwaj