Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get if I participate ?
You will have a chance to interact with the best people around
You will help find a cure for Tuberculosis
You will receive a certificate mentioning your contributions.
You will have a chance to win exciting prizes and selected contributors will have a chance to attend an International symposium in Tuberculosis.
How do I know what I am suppose to so ?
Once you are registered, you will receive a dossier on what and how to proceed with your project. The faculty/Co-ordinator will be in touch with you shortly.
What will happen to the data I generate ?
All data that is generated as part of this initiative would be made available on the OSDD Portal under the OSDD License terms of use.
I am already registered with OSDD and have a login on SysBorg. Should I complete the registration form ?
Yes. This registration form is to make (y)our life simpler to assign the best project that we can provide you.
In case I am unable to apply as a part of student group with a faculty coordinator, If i can get summer internship under this project?
Yes, of course.We would assign you to a Faculty & Co-ordinator depending upon your interest and the project.
I have a graduation in Life Sciences and am doing an MBA. Can I participate.
Yes, You should be able to spare some time regularly and contribute your skills to the project
My semester starts on January, can I participate ?
Yes, as long as you are ready to spare some time for the project.
How many students can be selected for the programme?
The number of participants for each Task will be decided by the Task Manager.

Is there a selection criteria for participation?
The Task Managers will screen the participants for the various tasks. To begin with, motivation is a major screening criteria.

Does the programme run only for 4 months in colleges or it will continue thereafter?
The program is synchronized with the students looking for projects in various national laboratories. Since, most of the projects start in December/January and end in April/May, we have alloted a time period of four months for this project. However, genome annoation is a complex excercise and will be extended to other biological features of the organism once we are able to successfully annotate the currently listed activities.

What is the number of minimum & maximum number of students from each college?
There is no limit to the minimum or maximum number of students from any college.

Can prefinal year students participate along with final year students for the project?
Yes, prefinal year students are also welcome, provided they are ready spare some time for the project.

Whether physical presence is necessary to work in this project or I can work from my college itself?
No, physical presence is not necessary. ConnectToDecode has created an online collaborative platform which is accessible over the web and hence the project will run in a virtual laboratory.

Can JRF/Ph.D. students also join this project?
Yes, as long as you are ready to spare some time for the project.

What is the last date for registration?
The registrations will close on 30th June 2010.